Tequila Mockingbird

What is the best aspect of University? The University Clubs of course. Still asking why? Two simple words. Pub Crawls. Just get a tingle of excitement? Same here. Adelaide University has their newest club this year, the Humanities and Social Science Association also known as HaSSA, who hosted their first Pub Crawl last week, the 25th of May 2012. Their theme, as can be seen above, Tequila Mockingbird (classic!). The night consisted of this timeline…

Unibar- 5pm to 7pm

PJ’s- 7pm-8:30pm

Austral- 8:30pm-10pm

Elephant 10pm-12am

Shotz 12-close

With a plan like that there was no way anything could go wrong. The night was indeed planned out perfectly, with each pub being is easy walking distance, food discounts at various places along Rundle Street, with some of the best entertainment (for those who went and are reading this, how good was the live band at The Elephant!?) and with one of the most entertaining shirts so far. If I was to complain about one aspect, it would be the chosen colour of the shirt. Blue? Really? Why not black? It was difficult enough coming up with an outfit at the beginning, and then taking into consideration the bright blue… next time, please go black or even just focus on darker shades, a nice dark navy blue would have worked well.

Beginning the night off at everyones favourite place on campus, Unibar! Who wasn’t excited by the $10 jugs and happy hour from 6pm-7pm!? The atmosphere sure was pumping, with some excellent music being provided by a live band and the friendly bar service, along with games of beer pong, Unibar set up the Crawl for a skyrocket success.

Upon moving on at exactly… or maybe a little after 7pm, P.J. O’Brien’s got everyone’s feet moving with a live Irish band playing and mixing that atmosphere with the offer of $5 Pints, Base Spirits and House Wine, PJ’s sure did impress. I would highly recommend P.J’s to anyone! I found nothing better than listening to an Irish accent when ordering my drinks. Also the mix of alcohol, a game of pool and live music was PERFECT!

After one amazing hour and a half at PJ’s everyone moved on down to the well known Austral! Now my first opinion of the Austral from previous experiences is… its always PACKED. And that past opinion did not change on this night. There was no room at all. No spare table, stool or chair. And getting a drink meant pushing through groups of people who think that blocking the bar is a GOOD thing… there is a special place in hell for those people… but asides from being over crowded, which is honestly a good thing for the pub, it was quite the perfect place to chat once you got hold of your $12 jug of Adelaide Hills Cider. However, in all honesty I must admit, after 30 minutes of being in the Austral I just wanted to get moving. Or at most, head on back to PJ’s! Constantly losing my friends among the crowd of blue shirted people, I resulted to making friends with the poster covered corner of the room, closest to the front exit. Sorry Austral buddies, but you do not make my list of favourite pubs to visit on a pubcrawl.

(The excellent team behind the HaSSA Pub crawl)

Now for those of you who don’t know…or can’t remember… the second to last stop, The Elephant, was one of the best choices when it came to planning this pub crawl. The Elephant would have to be one of my favourite pubs in all of Adelaide. Why? Because my friends, not only do they make the best Creamy Garlic Prawn but they sure know how to entertain! With an always amazing band list and awesome happy hour, drink specials, they know how to set the atmosphere. I did not in fact enjoy a $4 bubbly however which had me in a toilet stall quickly after (however I am very much your classic lightweight).

Now adding onto the fact that I am a lightweight I can sadly not go on to explain how great and fun Shotz was because sadly my memory fades there. However comments that I have heard in reference to the ending at Shotz was ‘I had so much fun, I danced for all I was worth…’ and ‘could not have been happier with the $5 pints and 5 for $15 shots.’ Now all in all I have to say this was one of the most successful Pub Crawls of the Year (so far). Big thanks to the HaSSA Group for organising it!

Talk to you guys later!

Nicky xx

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