Treat Mum Like A Princess

BTS Cafe. Also known as Adelaide’s famous Better Than Sex Cafe but don’t worry about spilling that knowledge to your mother when you’re enjoying your delicious cupcake and coffee. But if there is one thing I must say into reference to the store name…they are not lying. There cakes are absolutely amazing!

Now before I continue there is a major fact I must point out. When it comes to mother’s day I get completely lost. Being my mother’s daughter I should know what to get her, problem is she is very much your classic ‘I don’t want any presents’ type of woman. It is very frustrating. So today when I walked straight into the adorable little pink stripped corner shop with the acronym BTW on the signage outside, the smell of freshly baked cakes hung in the air. I was hitched instantly.

And suddenly my questions were answered with this…

If there is one thing I have made clear in most of my posts it is my love for cupcakes, so it can be understandable to believe that indeed my mother would also have this similar obsession. Asides from that however I just thought they looked absolutely delicious and always gave me an easy way out of finding her a present she very likely will not like. What better way to show your love than through food?

I highly suggest to those of you living in Adelaide or visiting to go check out the BTS Cafe, you will not be disapointed! Don’t forget to also follow them on facebook at!/groups/75769766278/

Until next time darlings,

Ciao xxx

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